The Excavation Team for 2012

by administrator
9 years ago


This is the middle of the second week of the excavation. Right now we are at the peak prevalence of people associated with the excavation team: the former site director, Mr. McCredie, and his wife, the current site director, Bonna Wescoat, and her daughter, the glass conservator (Steve Koob), 2 Harvard-associated architects, 2 NYU and 1 Emory students working in the conservation lab, 1 Princeton, 1 NYU, and 1 Emory students working on archaeology, and me. So we posed for a group picture this morning:



Wait, was that a goat herd running by?


A short time after this photo, Steve left to return to his home in Corning, NY, and I will leave tomorrow morning. On the other hand, Steve’s and my places will be taken this weekend by Michael Page, a geographer from Emory, and his wife. And Steve will return in 2 weeks to finish the seasonAfter that people start to trickle out around July 20, although 2 more Emory students also arrive then. The excavation officially closes on August 6.

Alas, I have other responsibilities in Atlanta that require my attention and attendance, so I must be off.

More later!

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